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Rausch Creek Off-Road Park consists of 3,000 acres with over 80 miles of trails for almost every type of 4wd vehicle; from stock to pro rock buggies. Our trail system consists of four different sections – our Main Property with East, West, and South sections, and the Northeast property.  

The trail network consists of existing forest roads and trails that were cut open by hand. The trails are marked with signs and color-coded maps are provided. The trails are rated green (easy), blue (intermediate), blue-black (purple) and black (hard), and red (extreme). Several trails have many bypasses so that groups of different levels can run a trail together.  When you check your group in, speak to one of the staff members for help in picking trails to run. Our parking/staging area is located on the perimeter of the forest, so you will encounter trails of all levels within moments of your group leaving the parking area.   


We also have a man-made concrete/all-natural rock crawling course to test your skills for beginners to pro competition drivers.    

Our maps are on Maprika, which will show where you are on the trail map as you are driving along and you can save your track.

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  • Rausch Creek Off-Road Park
  • Rausch Creek Off-Road Park
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