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To run the trails at the park you need to be in a minimum group of at least 2 vehicles. Drivers will be given color trail maps.   If you don’t know anyone else to go with or are not comfortable going out in your own group unguided, first try contacting the park to see if there's any open events coming up.   Also visit our FB Group Page called Rausch Creek Connection to find others to go with.


Or you could sign up for one of the following programs:


Offroad Consulting hosts entry-level guided rides on a monthly basis. These rides are geared toward stock or slightly-modified 4wd vehicles.  For more information and to sign-up, visit Offroad Consulting or email



These trail rides teach invaluable fundamentals of off-road driving; the kind of expert knowledge that isn’t easily attained through casual driving.   Offroad Consulting offers monthly "101" (novice), "201" (experienced), and winch/recovery off-road trail rides for all stock to highly-modified 4wd vehicles. Whether you’re a new driver or have years of experience, our expert guide, Kyle, gives instruction on everything from vehicle prep to technical terrain negotiation. Kyle has over 25 years of driving instruction training and is a certified trainer by the International Four Wheel Drive Trainers Association.


These rides teach invaluable fundamentals of off-road driving; the kind of expert knowledge that isn’t easily attained through casual driving. This program is recommended for off-roaders of all levels, but is particularly well-suited for new 4×4 owners who want to get their tires dirty.


For more information on the 101, 201, and Winch/Recovery rides, visit Offroad Consulting, or contact Kyle directly at



Do you want to explore Rausch Creek Off-Road Park but you don’t know your way around? Well, you can hire one of Offroad Consulting's experienced trail guides to lead the way.  Show up with your 4wd vehicle at the time you specify and have a day of trail riding catered to your liking.  To make a reservation for a trail guide, visit Offroad Consulting, or contact them directly at




Check our Calendar for events that are open to spectating.   There are events such as rock crawls and charity events with vendors on site. 



Behind the park’s office is an area we call the Comp Course. This area is partly natural rock terrain as well as spraycreted man-made obstacles. This area is open to our members to play on throughout the year (stay in a group of 2 here same as on the trails!). A few times a year the Comp Course is the home of the Club and Individual Comp and the Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance Club Comp.


The crawl events are all about the points. Teams with the lowest points wins. Each course is marked with cones and boundary flagging tape. The idea is to make it through the course in the allotted time without touching the tape, the cones, no backing up, no tugging on recovery ropes, and such. Some of the cones are placed so difficult there is nothing to be done to avoid the cone or you end up rolling over.

The teams consist of a driver and spotter. They usually communicate through wireless headphones, but some teams just yell and holler at each other. The teams go through different courses and then the final course is set up which is much more difficult than the first courses and offers bonus-land cones to up the ante on who will win.


For spectators, you can expect a lot of action going on all at once, followed by some down time as teams move from course to course or take a short break for repairs. There’s a bit of walking around but for the most part you can set up your lawnchair and enjoy the action that way, or feel free to walk around the various courses and check out the prep going on as teams prepare to tackle the next course.


Dogs are welcome, however, they must be kept under control and on a leash and cleaned up after. Kids are welcome too, age 15 and under are free.  There is no spectator admission at the comps.


The teams have a meeting at 9 AM and are walking the courses to decide their strategy prior to the 10 AM start time. The crawls usually wrap up around 2 to 3 PM. Crawls are held rain or shine with some delay for lightning storms.


The park is not closed to regular wheeling during these crawl events, just the comp course is closed.

  • Rausch Creek Off-Road Park
  • Rausch Creek Off-Road Park
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